About the Artist and Fabric Art

Color has always captured my attention.
I have been a gardener for years so that I could be surrounded by it. I am inspired by the magnificent array of plants, animals and insects that show us a wild world
of color and design.

After years of making traditional quilts, I felt the impulse toward something new. In the winter of 2011, I learned fabric collage from Susan Carlson. I immediately saw the limitless possibilities this technique could offer. I was hooked. A new and liberating way to play with fabric!

Every color is acceptable and any combination can bring out some aspect of the subject: dark and earthy, bright and flamboyant, kaleidoscopic fantasy. It allows me to explore subjects with light hearted play and whimsy.
The technique also encourages the freedom to create interpretive and dreamlike pieces.

The creative method is similar to making a mosaic. Hundreds of small pieces are glued onto a piece of muslin to form the subject. It is surprising and gratifying to watch how unlikely colors can give composition to contrast and highlights. There is a meditative quality to the process; hours pass as the subject slowly comes into focus and takes shape.

— Linda Shepard

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